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Quality & food safety

Our constant goal is achieving total quality for every single kg of nuts manufactured by our team. To achieve so in Sercom we ​test every delivery of raw materials no matter how small or big quantity that is. We choose only the best and make no exceptions when purchasing. 

Due to dry nuts' specific quality and safety challenges and dangers we place great emphasis in the assurance of the nuts' conformance to the required chemical aspects as well as in the nuts' freshness.

All the production procedures and conditions in our factory have been designed and redesigned many times so as to ensure the safety and the conformity of all products that are every day processed by us.

We are always trying to get better and better as our experience has made us aware that ensuring food safety ​is not just a matter of taking measures; for us it's a continuing learning process which never ends as we always try to apply new methods and policies in our production.

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